De jerez y enjambre (Réquiem por José María Ruiz​-​Mateos)

by Xisco Rojo



Part of a tribute album to Nueva Rumasa, edited by Contubernio Records.

Listen to rest of the album here:

The idea for this song appeared from the union (or collision) of two crossed references: on one side, the knowledge that Ruiz-Mateos -as an exemplary member of Opus Dei- had a large offspring (13 descendants, to be more specific); and, on the other side, a quote by Unamuno that stated something like "I will live forever in my literary work and my children, beyond physical death". This starting point, together with the will of trying to represent the transition from the industrial megalomania -during his life, but in a CCU- of Ruiz-Mateos to the rockiness and rooty grasp of the earth that would hold his corpse, produced this requiem in D minor in which the choir (the mourners) intones a litany consisting of the first names of the heritage of Rumasa: Pablo, Álvaro, Alfonso, Javier, Zoilo, José María, Begoña, Patricia, Socorro, Rocío, Nuria, Paloma and Almudena.


released April 14, 2016
Written by Xisco Rojo

Xisco Rojo: voice, synths, keyboards, electric guitar, Portuguese guitar, đàn gáo, ektara, recorder, siyotanka, lumzdeliai, cuckoo, percussion, doors and windows
Bárbara Vidal: voice, percussion

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Xisco Rojo at Sauerland Studios (Madrid) in September, 2015




Xisco Rojo Madrid, Spain

Xisco Rojo is a composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who creates a music halfway between chamber folk, primitivism, sound art and psychedelia.

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