Matais de incêndios

by Xisco Rojo



Um villancico barroco de António Marques Lésbio (1639-1709)
A baroque Christmas carol by António Marques Lésbio (1639-1709)

Recorded live at the radio studio of La Casa Encendida (Madrid) by Toña Medina, Ángel Aranda & María del Río for a special Christmas show aired in the Christmas of 2015. Listen to the rest of the show here:

Xisco Rojo: Portuguese guitar
Luis Mármol: Floor tom, percussion

Mixed and mastered by Xisco Rojo at Sauerland Studios (Madrid).

Original painting: 'The Conversion on the Way to Damascus' by Caravaggio
Layout & design by Xisco Rojo


released December 16, 2015




Xisco Rojo Madrid, Spain

Xisco Rojo is a composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who creates a music halfway between chamber folk, primitivism, sound art and psychedelia.

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